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Three Police Jurors charged with Ethics Violations --read the rest of the story

Rebel Flag issue just an Obama ploy to hide the real issue 

Dateline – Pierre Part | story by Morgan J. Landry ©2015 The recent uproar over the Rebel Flag and how the flag is a symbol of racism, hatred, slavery, and the trigger for racial shootings is a simple political ploy by the Obama administration and its supporters to take the focus off the real reason of the shooting of nine people in a Black Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Drawing the Line

Date line : Pierre Part, La. | story by Morgan J. Landry
A friend, who is also a relative, a fellow Pierre Partian directly related to Pierre Part (the founder of Pierre Part, La.), and a fellow follower of Christ, from Texas sent me a story on a section of Christianity that is drawing a line in the sand for the Supreme Court of the United States. I write a section of Christianity because of the fact that there are 217 different Christian Denominations in the United States. There is only one denomination, however, approaching the Supreme Court for help.

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May 9, 2015 -- Belle River man killed in crash -- Belle River | A 26-year old man lost his life yesterday in a two-vehicle collision in Belle River. Blake Melancon was riding his 2013 Suzuki GXXR motorcycle -- read the rest of the story

April 8, 2015| - Phone Scam to steal money circulating PIerre Part and Belle River communities.  An illegal group of debt collectors has called several people in the area and threatens to arrest people if a debt is not paid.  Click here for the rest of the story ...


March 4, 2015| Date line: Captiol Hill -- Obama Wrong Israel Prime Minister on the money -- Never before in the history of the United States has there been such a need for an American President to be impeached. Read the rest of the story

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